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Denver, Colorado October 4-October 6, 2019

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Michelle Jackson: Retreat Founder

Money on the Mountain Financial Retreat for Women Who are currently Financially Single

The Money on the Mountain Financial Retreat is a space for currently single women to talk money from THEIR current financial reality. Who this retreat is for women who fit at least one or more of the following criteria listed below. But, most important, the FIRST criteria.

  • Your money is NOT comingled with someone else's in retirement products, debt-repayment, etc. 
  • It's all on YOU financially.
  • Women who are currently financially single 
  •  You think your family's finances might potentially affect YOURs
  • You're making a ton of money and aren't sure how to have the money conversation with your new boo
  • You're NOT making a ton of money and want to earn more
  • You're trying to live your best life financially and want to spend time talking to other people who "get it"
  • You would like to work towards F.I.(R.E.) Financial Independence and are sick of not having people who support your efforts

If any of this resonates with you, then the Money on the Mountain Financial Retreat is for YOU! 

The Details

When: October 4-6, 2019

Where: The Source Hotel located in beautiful Denver, Colorado (ADA compliant)

What: A weekend to talk about money from the perspective of a currently single woman. 

Who: A small group of women from across the US and beyond talking about money from the financially single perspective. 

Attendees will enjoy the following:

  • Swag bag with awesome Colorado local items (some things will surprise you!)

  • Thursday, October 3, 2019 optional tour of Denver 12-4 pm ( on foot)

  • Friday, October 4, 2019-evening meet and greet for all retreat attendees.

  • Saturday, October 5, 2019-Breakfast, Lunch, and snacks. (Dinner is on your own) fun event after everyone has rested up. Programming will run 8-5 pm.

  • Sunday, October 6, 2019-Breakfast and snacks. Programming will run 9-2 pm. 

  • Monday, October 7, 2019-Optional Day in the Mountains. 


Conversations will cover, but aren't limited to, the following:

  • How to make Passive Income and leverage the internet to do it!

  • Building wealth through real estate with Jenny Bayless who has purchased 10 homes using the "BRRR" method of real estate accumulation "Buy, Renovate, Rent, Repeat"

  • Paying off debt and growing your income with Phylecia Jones from Keeping Up with Mrs. Jones

  • Making Financially Bold Moves as a Single Woman-Melanie Lockert founder of Lola Retreat and

  • Growing your income-how to negotiate for a raise while staying in control of the conversation.

  • Relationships and money. How DO you comingle your money after singledom? Or, you DON'T have any intention of comingling your money when coupled do you have that conversation?

  • A panel on working towards F.I.R.E. from the single woman's perspective.

  • This not a sit all day retreat. While we will have speakers on Saturday afternoon, the ultimate goal of the retreat is to facilitate community and learn from one another as well. 

We will split the group into smaller groups of women focused on the same thing. The idea is to meet people who can support what you're working on after the retreat.  

Optional Events:

Optional tour of Denver Thursday, October 3, 2019 from 12:00 pm-4:00 pm. This tour will be primarily on foot. If you arrive early, Michelle would love to show you some of her favorite places. 

Optional Day in the Mountains: Monday, October 7, 2019

You're probably wondering why we aren't going to the mountains on Saturday or Sunday. Altitude Sickness. I would like for attendees to adjust to the altitude before taking you into the mountains. Also, you can experience altitude sickness in Denver. I will include information on how to avoid that prior to arrival. 

We will spend a day in Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park. However, the mountain town may change. But, at this point-this is the plan! Transportation will be provided.

Do not fly out on Monday night if you stay for this event. Fly out on Tuesday. Just in case!

The Source Hotel: Event Venue and Accomodation

The Source Hotel is a locally owned hotel property that is managed by the same team that runs the St. Julien hotel in Boulder, Colorado-a 5 star hotel. 

It is within two blocks of the Train to the Plane from Denver International Airport. 

There is shopping, a brewery, and several incredible restaurants including Safta (Israeli food), Smok (BBQ) and The Woods.

The Source is also three blocks from another food hall called Zeppelin Station. Located in the RINO districted attendees will be one lightrail stop from Denver's beautiful Union Station. 

Accommodation Details

The Source Hotel is where we will be hosted. Rooms are $219 for double-occupency (COST FOR THE ROOM-NOT PER PERSON) Michelle will provide a roommate sheet via Google Doc so that you can let people know if you would like to share a room. Please note: this first set of rooms are all double-occupency.


When booking your room

Michelle did a walk-through of the hotel and LOVED the rooms! She will also be staying at the hotel with the retreat attendees. She thinks you will love the rooms too-especially if you're facing the mountains.  

Learn More-Listen To the Podcast! Click the Link Below

Want to Stay in the Loop?

$175-Money on the Mountain Retreat 

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Purchase your tickets below for a slightly discounted price from the payment plan. 

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Money on the Mountain Ticket


Please read this before making your purchase. We are unable to offer refunds for the Money on the Mountain Retreat. You are very welcome to sell (and transfer) your ticket to another woman who fits the attendee criteria. Just let Michelle know what's up!

What Your Money is Paying For

  • Event space-That space is NOT cheap LOL! 

  • Food-The food is NOT cheap. There should be flecks of gold in it. I joke. But, seriously, food is expensive. But, it's yummy. 

  • Michelle's time-If you've ever considered creating an event like this you must pay yourself. And, as I am running an event empowering women with money-this is a non-negotiable part of the budget. 

  • Swag bags

  • Scholarships-Michelle has been on the receiving end of a ton of different scholarships throughout her life. And, it's very important to her that scholarships be built into this event. She will announce the application process sometime in March. 

Have Questions?

Michelle is happy to hop on a Zoom/Call with you to answer any questions you may have. If you're needing to make payment arrangements please let me know. Feel free to email Michelle at

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The Minding Your Money Scholarship

The goal of this event is to make it as accessable as possible. As result of that mission, Kassandra T. Dasent, has provided funds to cover the ticket for an attendee. Scholarship application details will be coming soon! 

Here is what Kassandra had to say about providing this opportunity.

"I support single women who are working to financially empower themselves. I wanted to offer this opportunity to someone who desires to strengthen her financial position but may not be able to afford the cost. My hope is that she will come away from this retreat enlightened and ready to take action to create financial stability, wellness and wealth."

Kassandra is the creator of the Mind Your Money tribe and you can catch her livestreaming weekly about all things money. 

Can't Attend for Whatever Reason? Would you like to support Money on the Montain? Donate today!  

Some Final Thoughts...

If you're super excited to attend the Money on the Mountain Retreat and would like to stay in the loop. Click below to receive monthly updates and information before the event. The scholarship process will also be shared via email in March.

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Income Growth and Debt Freedom

Have the conversations that you want to have, but sometimes can't about earning more and how to make that happen. You CAN earn more and pay off debt (if you have debt) 

Lifestyle Design 

Want to live your best life? Figure out what that is and leave with an action plan.


You're not alone. But, sometimes it can feel like you are. Especially if the people in your life have no interest in talking about money. 

Thank you to our event sponsors!


About Michelle Jackson

Michelle Jackson is a personal finance influencer, blogger, and podcaster. She is the founder of the site "Michelle is Money Hungry" and decided that she had to own the fact that she wanted to attract money into her life. 

Michelle created the "Money on the Mountain" retreat to give women, in particular single women, an opportunity to talk about the reality of THEIR money during this moment in their life. 

And, many of the topics that we will discuss during the retreat are a reflection of the many financial conversations she noticed she was having with other single women. And, she felt like she need more time to talk about it. As a result of that frustration, the Money on the Mountain retreat was born.